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Side Effects and After Effects of Vaser Lipo

A frequently asked question by prospective patients is what sort of side effects, after effects or complications they might encounter after undergoing Vaser Lipo. They want to be informed on how long they can normally expect any side effects to last and how they will know if they need to go back to the doctor. Patients also want to know if there are any specific complications that could be a danger sign.

Although Vaser Lipo statistically represents the safest and most effective tool in body contouring, it is important to recognise that the tool used is not nearly as important as the doctor using it. If you find an experienced surgeon with the correct credentials and who is certified by the appropriate medical authorities (the American Board of Plastic Surgery in the USA, or the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in the United Kingdom), then your risk of complications following Vaser Lipo is very low. Using Vaser Lipo correctly can take some time, so there is a learning curve involved. It is therefore sensible to ensure that the plastic surgeon you intend to use has had adequate experience with this particular procedure.

Although the side effects of Vaser Lipo are similar to those associated with other forms of liposuction, patients experience less discomfort and pain and a shorter recovery time. The most common problems are very minor ones that resolve themselves over time, such as swelling or bruising that take a bit longer to go away than might be expected by the patient. Although Vaser Lipo involves less pain and is less invasive than more traditional methods of liposuction, some discomfort, swelling and bruising will still be experienced. While swelling still remains, patients should restrict their activity as exercising during this period risks delaying the healing process. Swelling which increases with exercise or at the end of the day means that the activity or the day's events have caused fluid to accumulate in the tissues. It is, therefore, advisable to rest as much as possible and also to continue to wear compression garments until the swelling has gone down. It should be noted that it is not uncommon for swelling to persist in some form for up to several months before it completely disappears. Everyone heals at a different rate and larger areas that have been treated may take longer to completely heal.

Serious complications are extremely rare but, of course, it is necessary to be aware of them. There is a very small chance that fat clots or blood clots could form and migrate to the lungs, which could be dangerous. Also, excessive fluid loss may cause low blood pressure, a build-up of fluid elsewhere in the body or friction burns. The ultrasound probe could injure the skin or deeper tissue, although this is extremely unlikely if operated by an experienced Vaser Lipo surgeon and, in any case, the technological advances afforded by the ultrasound system make it safer than older methods of liposuction.

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